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Client Agreement         

1) Our charges for the placement of the Staff is ‘One month salary …………….of the Staff plus GST 18% will be extra.

2) Replacement period of the Staff will be 3 months from the date of joining of the first Staff with a maximum of 6 replacements but if for any reason the client wants to cancel the contract no refund will be made.

3) During the 3 months of replacement time, if you wish to cancel the contract for any reason, the service charge/recruitment fees paid to us will not be refunded

4) The amount paid to us at the time of joining is the recruitment charges/service charges of finding a Staff for you. The salary of the maid starts from the day he or she starts working and needs to be paid on a monthly basis directly to the company.

5) Introductions are strictly confidential. If MAIDINBHARAT introduces a candidate that the client then introduces to a third part, who hires the candidate on either full time or part time, the client agrees to pay MAIDINBHARAT the placement charges

6) While every endeavors is made by MAIDINBHARAT to introduce satisfactory candidates to the client, it is the responsibility of the client to satisfy themselves of the suitability of an applicant before hiring them. If required, the client may arrange medical examinations of the candidate prior to hiring them. MAIDINBHARAT will assist and help wherever possible to facilitate the process

7) In case you do not like the Staff kindly give a notice of 15 days before you release the Staff so that we can find a better-quality Staff for you. The Staff which has been sent for replacement cannot be offered less salary than the first Staff. Also the job description or work required to do by the Staff cannot be changed by the client. In case you wish to release the Staff or the Staff leaves the job and you wish to take a replacement, you need to clear the salary dues of the previous Staff before a replacement is sent. In case the salary of the previous Staff is not cleared, we will not be sending a replacement

8) We strongly suggest that the client does a POLICE VERIFICATION of the Staff. This ensures that the Staff is free of any criminal charges in the past. At any given point of time if there is any crime done by the candidate (Civil or criminal), MAIDINBHARAT would not be responsible for the same.

9) If the Staff asks for his/her salary in advance, it is entirely the client’s decision to give him/her an advance salary. In case the Staff leaves and you have paid excess salary to him/her, MAIDINBHARAT will not be responsible to retrieve/refund the same

10) If the invoices are settled and due to any reason, the candidate resigns then a free replacement will be provided as mentioned above. 

11) The client agrees that the Staff will not be tortured, harmed mentally or physically. Also the client cannot increase the work or reduce the salary of the Staff other than what was discussed during the interview. If the Staff leaves due to any such reason, MAIDINBHARAT will not replace the Staff and neither refund the placement charges paid by the client.

12) All solicitation are subjected to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.